There is a great new fairy-tale to hit the shelves of book stores, Grezundl and the Frog Prince. It’s author William J. Rayment is not new to the world of children’s literature. He also wrote the classic, The Little Pawn which describes the adventures of a young chess piece, a pawn, which must reach the other side of the board to become a queen.

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But Grezundl is a lighter work with a touch of sarcasm, with some irony thrown in for good measure. It takes the fairy-tale genre and milks it for humor. It takes two fairy tales, the familiar Rapunzel, and the Frog Prince, and blends them together in one story. Grezundl is the princess with the very long hair placed in a high tower to save her for an arranged marriage, while Amicus the prince turned frog must try to save her from the swampy moat below.

It is really a coming of age story with both characters learning much about themselves, about concepts such as loyalty, and the need for strength of will. Amicus, the Frog Prince at one point is confronted with the choice between devouring a luscious blue-bottle fly or getting the kiss that will return him to his human form. Which will win out? His stomach or his mind?

The book rewards the reader with a mellifluous flow of language that will startle, intrigue and bewitch the reader. There are also innumerable references to classics and other fairy tales, some obvious and some obscure that will have the intelligent reader smiling knowingly. This is a fascinating book, great for bedtime stories that will have provide several evenings of enjoyment and discussion.

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